50% Off - Mini Mushroom Farm Refill Pack

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Usually $20 get 50% off - Offer only available when bundled with The DIY Organic Mini Mushroom Farm.

The Mini Mushroom Farm Refill Pack provides you with another set of supplies and ingredients to repeat with your DIY Mini Mushroom Farm.

Once you need fresh supplies If you would rather avoid having to source these ingredients yourself we are providing this refill pack.

 Inside you'll find all the additional supplies to get growing, including:

  • Certified Organic Sugarcane Mulch
  • Australian Hardwood Pellets
  • Certified Organic Wheat Bran
  • Landfill-compostable gloves
  • Alcohol Wipes (for sanitising)
  • pH Booster (for pasteurising)
  • Warm White Oyster Mushroom Spawn 

As of this time the Refill Pack is only available with Warm White Oyster Spawn.

Warm White Oyster: 10°C to 35°C Fruiting Temperature

This White Oyster mushroom will be lighter in colour when grown at a warm temperature and a darker colour when grown at a cooler temperature. Forming dense bunches, this mushroom is an all rounder.