Masters' Mix - The Ultimate Mushroom Substrate

Masters' Mix - The Ultimate Mushroom Substrate

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At Little Acre we use a combination of 50% Hardwood and 50% Soy Bean Hulls aka 'Masters Mix' as our main substrate mix. We combine the pellets on site and now offer it for sale.

50% Australian Hardwood Pellets

You will not find these pellets anywhere else, we have worked closely with the manufacturer to design a hard wood pellet that breaks down very easily in cold water, by reducing the density of the pellet itself.

50% Australian Soy Bean Hull Pellets

These pellets are made from 100% Australian grown soy bean hulls, GMO Free. The majority of soy bean hull pellets found in produce stores are imported and come from genetically modified crops, not these!

This mix is the same that we use here at the Little Acre urban farm. 

With no added glues, chemicals or fillers, Masters Mix is the ultimate growth material to grow fantastic gourmet mushrooms. Pre-mixed just add water!

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