Black Pearl King Oyster (Pleurotus Hybrid)

Black Pearl King Oyster (Pleurotus Hybrid)

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The Black Pearl King Oyster is new in the world of mushroom growing. A hybrid developed in Japan by crossing a Pearl Oyster Mushroom with a King Oyster Mushroom. This cross displays favourable traits from both species forming dense clusters of king like oyster mushrooms with dark caps. Unlike other oyster varieties the stems of the Black Pearl King are great to eat just like a King Oyster being very meaty and juicy. 

Package contains:

750g of Spawn. Completely ready to inoculate bulk substrate.

This is enough spawn to make 3 x 10 L bucket grows or 15 x 2 L Containers.

Black Pearl King Oyster require temperatures between 15-21 degrees and can be side fruited just like a Pearl Oyster not top fruited like a King Oyster.